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 game idea..long read but have a look and see what you think 
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Post game idea..long read but have a look and see what you think
ok this is a bit long winded but worth it honest :)

have a read and see what you think. I was thinking maybe an invite only game or a wednesday night game as they are less plonkers unlike a sunday. play time is probably 4 hours max.
It's pretty raw and needs a few tweeks.
oh and the UKSF part has the wasps written all over it.


3 teams – blacks, tans and DPM or red/blue/yellow arm bands

Blacks - Police 20
Tans – UKSF 8 to 12
DPM – terrorists 20
Props – escorted and unescorted passes (easy to knock up), access list (simply done on the day), 6 or 7 random boxes containing shit items (easy enough to get), maps of the site with grid references, 2 x slr camera (I've got 2), black tool box, comms for all teams (most decent players have some sort of comms).

Police mission – guard refinery from Terrorist attack. The refinery is actually used to store dangerous radioactive chemicals. They are stored short term on the site are regularly removed to an underground complex. Currently the site is host to 8 barrels stored funnily enough at the barrels at the rear of the village. One of the building within the village will contain a sample of radioactive material(black tool box)
Main aim – provide static and mobile patrols within the village area. Check point on all 3 bridges
Access to village is only from the 3 bridges. Pass control in effect so only legitimate pass holders can access the village – 2 types of pass escorted and unescorted.
unescorted needs to have 2 police escorts while they work within the village.
Access list for all personnel escorted or unescorted. If they are not on the list they don’t get in.
Police responsible for controlled entry. If more people turn up at the bridges wanting access and there isn’t enough police then they must control this and make them wait.
Deliveries must be escorted to drop off and then leave the site. Packages must be checked for suspicious items.
Mobile patrols to patrol route around village and apprehend any person not displaying a pass.
HQ element to be set up in one of the buildings with top Police officer controlling security from this building. Top police office is unlikely to be armed however he can have an armed escort.
Any problems pertaining to the security of the site must be reported to the top police officer in person or by radio. Any unauthorised personnel on the site must be presented to the HQ.

Terrorist mission – blow up barrels to cause a dirty bomb within the Hampshire area. If possible retrieve radioactive material beforehand to facilitate the building of another dirty bomb for use in a major UK city.
Main aim – locate where the barrels are on the refinery and take pictures for analysis be our technicians. Identify where the lab is containing a sample of radioactive material. Retrieve the material.
Secondary mission – capture a top official to be used as a human shield during future attacks.
a number of names have been put on the escorted list for delivery men and this is the best means to scope out the refinery. Getting pictures may be more difficult using this method and using stealth to gain access to the rear avoiding the patrols is probably the best way for this.
Once pictures and the location of the material are located then a large scale attack on the refinery is planned to blow up the barrels and retrieve the material.
Once the material is recovered it will be moved to a safe area for the bomb builders to construct the bomb. Once the bomb is complete then it must be moved to a high area for maximum spread of radioactive material.
UKSF mission – to recon know terrorist elements to identify key players and track their movements.
Main aim – to photograph terrorist cell undetected and relay information to HQ within the refinery. Only top police office knows the UKSF are in the area and their mission.
Second aim is to track the movements of terrorists which will determine the terrorist cells mission. All UKSF will be armed but rule of engagement dictate that they can only return fire if fired at.

How I see this panning out –
Split 3 teams up once on site. Take each team to a separate area for briefing. Obviously the police to the village, the UKSF probably the radio shack and the Terrorist cell to the wendy house in the pine forest.

Phase 1
Briefings for police:
Give them brief on access to site. No pass no entry. If on the list and have unescorted badge then grant access. If on the list but no pass then they must be escorted whilst in the village by 2 officers.
Give mobile patrol brief – mobile patrol have area marked on map to patrol. They can do this how they like but can’t leave the area marked on the maps. If armed suspects are within their area they can open fire but if unarmed they must be escorted to the HQ. (if someone is caught then a marshal can take him to the nearest police station i.e. return him to the wendy house).
Brief Top officer (VIP) and security team – pick a building for the HQ and pick a different building to house the black tool box. Their job is to stay in or around the HQ and protect the VIP. VIP is to make sure access to the village is tightly controlled. VIP is to rally police officers if under attack.
If this part runs for 1 ½ hours then they should feel like most people staging on, bored and not paying attention. The terrorists will be trying to gain access 3 ways, legit, unlegit and by stealth so it should keep the police busy as the terrorists will be bringing parcels to deliver to the different buildings in the village legit so they can scope out the place. They will also try to get close enough to the barrels using stealth to photograph them and lastly they can be sent to harass the police by not having a pass or on the access list and trying to get in. they will be briefed not to actually enter the village as the police can shoot them if they do.

The terrorists will need 1 top honcho and 3 body guards. The rest will be fighting the jihad. The terrorists don’t know what building has the VIP or the black box and their aim is to try and identify where they both are. They also need to get a photograph of the barrels and get it back to the wendy house. They need all 3 bits back at the wendy house after 1 ½ hours. If they miss something in that time i.e. don’t find the building with the black box then they can’t recover it in the next phase. The terrorists really need to ham it up during this phase i.e. when getting escorted say they need the toilet (the church will be a toilet for instance) and if they get into the church try to leave by the other door and have a nosey in the other buildings, take the box to the wrong building, try to get someone to sign for the box, have the bottom of the box fall out and loads of bits go everywhere. Basically try to cause as much confusion and frustration as possible on the police side. Others can approach the bridges and try to persuade the police to let them in even though they are not on the list. Delivery men coming to pick something up but nothing there for him.
As each item is discovered and passed to the head honcho he and his body guards must leave the wendy house and report the info to another location(the fort). I was thinking about putting a radio in the fort on the marshal channel which they will use to report the info. They think it’s their big boss but it gives us an idea of how far they are getting.

UKSF are split into 2 or 3 Four man teams and are given a map containing an area to search. They are to find the terrorist cell and photograph as many terrorists as possible but stay undetected. Once the terrorists are found they can call the other SF team(S) to the location as they will need to follow the top cell if they move. They need to report numbers of terrorists, movement of honcho and any weapons/explosives etc seen to the HQ. The idea here is that the terrorists don’t know they are there but can engage anyone found around their base. The SF guys will need to use stealth, cam, radio comms, map reading hand signals and all the good stuff, almost like milsim, until the shooting starts. After 1 ½ hours the SF will be told to move to an area between the village and the wendy house and set up OP’s

Phase 2
After 1 ½ hours the police will still be stagging on but the threat level will be raised by the VIP. At this point the police have 1 life and the VIP will brief them on this and where they need to go when dead. Once dead they should head to the radio shack.
The terrorists will launch an attack on the village with the goals they have accomplished in the first phase. Give them 45 minutes to clear the village and they have unlimited lives a rolling flag might be the best respawn. Once they have the items and have cleared the village a pyro will be set off to simulate to blowing of the barrels. They must all them move to the fort with the VIP and black box.
The UKSF are between the wendy house and the village and will have 2 lives. One at their OP’s and 1 in the village. Once they are dead they should head to the radio shack. Once they terrorists start to move out to attack the village they SF teams will be given “weapons hot” over the radio and they can take on the advancing terrorists.

Phase 3
Once the village is blown then the police and SF will be briefed that a large terrorist force is situated in the fort and their mission is to kill or capture the terrorists. The black box must be recovered and the VIP secured alive. Unlimited lives from the wendy house or a flag might be useful here.
The terrorists will have one life and as soon as the shooting starts the VIP must be moved by the honcho and his 3 guards to the farm. The rest of the terrorists have 1 life and when dead must head to the farm.
The black box must be left behind and recovered by the Police and SF. The UKSF can try to intercept the honcho and VIP. if they succeed then the next phase is just kill the terrorists at the farm.

Phase 4
Once the fort is cleared and the black box recovered the police/SF will be briefed that the VIP is located at the farm and must be recovered alive. The VIP must be inside one of the 2 buildings and the Police/SF can’t use grenades to clear the buildings as it could kill the VIP. The briefing will also mention that the terrorist honcho and his guards are inside one building as well and must be killed as they are armed. The rest of the terrorists will be spread around the farm and they will all have one life.
The police will have unlimited lives and respawn from a flag near the farm. The terrorists once dead should head to a respawn barrel at the back of the village.


Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:21 pm
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